Online Mixing

Explore the unmatched skill of Oakwood London Studios’ mixing team through our online mixing service. Music mixing involves blending individual tracks or elements of a song, such as vocals, instruments, and effects, to create a cohesive and balanced audio mix. This process typically includes adjusting volume levels, panning, equalization (EQ), compression, and adding spatial effects like reverb and delay. The goal is to enhance clarity, depth, and overall sound quality, ensuring that each element contributes harmoniously to the final mix. Mixing engineers use specialized audio software and hardware tools to manipulate and fine-tune each track, applying their expertise to achieve the desired sonic result

Import And Organize Tracks​

Gather all individual audio tracks, including vocals, instruments, and effects, and organise them within the mixing software or digital audio workstation (DAW)

Balance Levels​

Adjust the volume levels of each track to achieve a balanced mix, ensuring that no individual element overwhelms or gets lost in the overall sound


Position each track within the stereo field by adjusting its placement between the left and right channels, creating spatial depth and separation between instruments

Equalization (EQ)

Use EQ to shape the frequency response of each track, boosting or cutting specific frequencies to enhance clarity, balance, and tonal quality

Dynamic Processing​

Apply compression, limiting, and other dynamic processing techniques to control the dynamic range of individual tracks and ensure consistent volume levels throughout
the mix

Effects Processing​

Add spatial effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and modulation to
enhance the depth, texture, and ambience of the mix


Automate volume, panning, EQ, and effects parameters to create dynamic changes and movements within the mix, enhancing transitions and emphasising key elements

Reference and Adjustment

Regularly reference the mix on different playback systems (e.g., studio monitors, headphones, car speakers) and adjust as needed to achieve a balanced and cohesive sound across various listening environments


Fine-tune the mix to perfection, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that all elements work together seamlessly and convey the intended emotion and impact

Export And Delivery​

Export the final mix as a high-quality audio file suitable for distribution, mastering, or further processing, ensuring that it meets the desired technical specifications and standards

Need this Service?

By following this process order, mixing engineers can create polished, professional-quality mixes that display the full potential of a musical composition